"Golden West 1857"

Medium clipper ship, built by Joshua Foster at Medford, Massachusetts, launched in March 1853. With fairly sharp lines she was a good carrier, having on her maiden voyage 2000 tons of weight and measurement cargo. She had no figurehead, but on the stern was a carved representation of a ship under full sail by the wind.

The maiden voyage was from Boston to San Francisco, under Captain G. W. Elliott, arriving out September 26, 1853 in 135 days.

In 1858, Captain Allen Baxter had 137 days from Boston to the Golden Gate and in 1859-1860, he reported his run from New York as 170 days, being 46 days to the line and 37 days rounding the Cape. Her last westward Cape Horn run was in 1861-1862, in 133 days from Boston, Captain Elliott in command.

In 1860, she went to Callo and Hampton Roads. Later she was at New Orleans, sailing March 28, 1861, and reaching Naples June 7th. On her last voyage as an American ship she left San Francisco, February 28, 1862, passed Honolulu March 15th and arrived at Hong Kong 26 days later.